Project Overview

For a design practicum course, I and a team of 3 other designers were tasked with overhauling the current LW Tech Innovation Lab. The first step was to establish the goals of our clients. In this case, our clients were the innovation lab board of faculty. The board expressed the need for an organized inviting space that students can safely work and showcase their talents. A new visual identity that showcases the true purpose. And an online presence that not only would create visibility for the lab, but create a smoother, more productive experience for its users.

Project Scope

After taking the goals of our clients into consideration our team worked on constructing an identity that would fit their goals. Once the colors, materials, and typography were decided, our team split up to work on various parts of the project. My teammates focused on Logo creation and animation while I was tasked with creating a cohesive floorplan, signage, and 3d renders of the space. The main goal was to separate the various spaces within the lab, create a spacious floor plan with access for heavy machinery, have areas to showcase students’ work and protect sensitive equipment from sawdust and particles.
By separating the areas using modular tables, whiteboards, and toolboxes I created an adaptive environment that checked all the boxes.

Concept Development

When developing the ideas for the signage, my main focus was to have the signage showcase the ingenuity of the lab and its students, while creating an upbeat welcoming space to work in. In the sketching process, I narrowed my ideas down to three options. These options were presented to board members. The final versions were rendered and placed into the 3d models.