Project Overview

Is Seattle Really Inclusive? As a Seattle based designer, I would like to think so. however, this is not what we found.

“Seattle is like a gumbo, a melting pot with all types of people.” This quote said by Quincy Jones sums up the Seattle demographic perfectly. Although Seattle is a so-called melting pot, there are still many instances of discrimination, segregation, and the well-known Seattle Freeze.
Over the past year, these topics have been brought to light like never before, and I felt the need to try and address this wicked problem. How can we bring the community together to achieve a common goal and create an inclusive experience?

A few things that bring Seattle together are the love for the outdoors, arts, music, culture, and the importance of building a sustainable future. Music, arts, recycling all in one. The Seattle […] project will be a 3-day music and arts festival at Seattle Center in July 2021.